2 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Hospital Chaplain: I Stand Near the Door

  1. Lorraine Rosenquest

    Enjoyed meeting you today at Debbie’s group
    Would love to join a workshop on Woman of Wisdom.
    The spirit of God has been leading me. I believe this was not a coincidence
    Look forward to hearing from you Geri


    1. chaplaingeri Post author

      Hi Lorraine! I just found your email from 2019! I am closing down my website and just keeping my Facebook page Chaplain Geralyn Cappabianca.
      I will be starting up my Wisewoman workshops again early next year 2023 at Church of the Epiphany where we have our WW meetings. Would love to have you come! My email is chaplaingeri@gmail.com, send me an email if you are still interested! I’m sorry it’s been so long, Covid also changed everything! Hope to see you at WW soon!



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